Kellyanne Conway and Bill Maher debate Trump’s legacy

Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) /

Kellyanne Conway discussed her role in President Donald Trump’s administration on Real Time with Bill Maher

Even after just his first day in office, President Donald Trump was going to be known as a divisive figure. Countless scandals, two impeachments, a pandemic, and an insurrection later, it’s hard to argue that President Trump improved on his legacy over the past four years. But Kellyanne Conway, his former Senior Counselor, tried to just that on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Conway and Bill Maher have a long history together. As a political pundit, she appeared on Maher’s show Politically Incorrect in the 1990s and made multiple visits to Real Time prior to joining the Trump administration. So it was fitting that Conway returned to help Maher kick off season 19 last night on HBO.

It didn’t take the pair long to get into a back-and-forth on President Trump’s legacy. Maher questioned Conway on her role in enabling some of the president’s worse impulses as the conversation focused just as much on President Trump’s character as his policies.

Conway showed off what made her so successful as the face of the Trump administration. Watch as she expertly navigates Maher’s questions and puts the focus where she wants it:

Kellyanne Conway continued to support President Trump

In this segment from their interview, the only thing Kellyanne Conway and Bill Maher agree on is the perception of President Trump’s supporters. Maher would explain later in the show that you can hate President Trump without hating every one of the 70 million+ people who voted for him.

Beyond that, Maher could never get Conway on the same page. Maher listed off the insults President Trump has leveled against the comedian but Conway dismissed it as “cherry-picking.” Maher pointed out President Trump’s history of bullying, lying, and cheating but Conway kept the focus elsewhere, citing the administration’s accomplishments from the past four years.

With other guests, Maher may have been more combative or pushed back harder. Perhaps it was his history with Conway or knowing that she is too good at what she does, but Maher seemed to decide it wasn’t worth the effort.

It sounds like Maher isn’t interested in having Conway back anytime soon. If Conway continues to spin and dodge and Maher doesn’t want to fully engage, there won’t be much value in their conversation. We’ll have to wait and see!

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