Jimmy Kimmel turns The Snake lyrics against President Trump

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel used President Trump’s favorite song lyrics against him

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel took another personal dig at President Donald Trump in the wake of violent protestors storming the Capitol. The late night host turned the president’s favorite song lyrics against him in a scathing recap of the past four years.

President Trump has had a unique relationship with music during his political career. Songs played at his events have ranged from comical to questionable while he has struggled to book popular acts to perform in support.

Since 2016, Donald Trump has recited lyrics from the song “The Snake” written by civil rights activist Oscar Brown and made popular by Al Wilson. President Trump has used the song’s message as a warning against immigration despite requests by Brown’s family to cease and desist.

During Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue, the comedian gave President Trump a dose of his own medicine. Kimmel flipped the song once more and used it to sum up the past four years that culminated in Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol.

It turns out “The Snake” is a perfect description of Donald Trump and his relationship with the Republican Party. Jimmy Kimmel Live! highlights this by flashing back to the moments when GOP establishment embraced Donald Trump only to have him run the party into the ground.

Kimmel’s visuals echo what Stephen Colbert said in his monologue on Wednesday night. Both late night hosts seem to wonder if it was all worth it. And neither have sympathy for those Republicans like Mitch McConnell or Mike Pence who eventually found themselves on the receiving end of President Trump’s bite.

With (at most) 12 days left in Donald Trump’s presidency, it will be worth watching to see how late night hosts will say goodbye. Some, like Colbert or Seth Meyers, may not want to spend any more time looking back at the past four years. Montages and bits like “The Snake” from Kimmel suggest he doesn’t mind if it means getting in a few last digs.

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