Stephen Colbert’s five best monologues of 2020

A Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS)
A Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS) /
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3. Stephen Colbert goes live after the first Trump/Biden debate

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is among a small number of shows that choose to go live after a major political event. It is a great way for Colbert and his team to show off as they quickly turn around a monologue and prep an interview in real time.

For all the hype and anticipation, the debate itself was a trainwreck. President Trump’s constant interruptions were distracting and unproductive. Former Vice President Biden struggled to build any momentum and at one point lost his temper with his Republican opponent.

Stephen Colbert’s debate recap made it clear that the American people watching at home lost. He argued that President Trump’s constant disruptions made the debate worthless other than to further expose the president’s pettiness and lack of respect.

In addition to providing the country with a voice of reason, Colbert also got in a few good lines at President Trump’s expense. Colbert compared the president’s behavior with how a giant baby acts.

Colbert concluded this monologue by wondering how the American people could go through two more debates. Thankfully for the Late Show host and the voters, there would only be one more debate to cover.

The monologue was a great example of how THe Late Show is a well-oiled machine when it comes to live shows. Even when the event being covered is a disaster, the show always runs smoothly.