Saturday Night Live: Best sketches of season 46 (so far)

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) /

Looking to catch up on season 46 of Saturday Night Live? These are the six sketches you absolutely need to check out.

2020 was a difficult year for Saturday Night Live (as it was for literally everyone else). Season 45 was cut short, and the cast and crew were forced to put together the final episodes from their own homes. As they returned to the studio for season 46, no one knew quite what to expect. Luckily for us, Saturday Night Live still delivered plenty of comedy gold.

Whether you’re looking to catch up on the episodes you’ve missed or to re-watch some of the best moments, these are the sketches I recommend.

*Note: I’ve chosen to give each sketch a superlative, but I didn’t pick the sketches to fit the categories. These were just my six favorites!

Saturday Night Live season 46:  Best live sketch: Hailstorm

From: “Dave Chappelle/Foo Fighters”

This sketch was classic SNLIt had a very simple premise and followed a predictable structure, and yet the jokes still managed to surprise me. It was cute and goofy and I’ve re-watched it many times without getting bored. This sketch is also a great example of why live comedy is so good. Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon did a terrific job playing off one another (and mugging for the audience).

Saturday Night Live season 46: Best song: Strollin’ (To The Polls)

From “John Mulaney/The Strokes”

Saturday Night Live had plenty of great musical sketches this season (I’ve included two others on this list!) but this one stands out because the song is so catchy and the musical element of the sketch perfectly complements the humor and political message.

Saturday Night Live season 46: Best digital short: The Farm (a.k.a Tiny Horse)

From “Timothée Chalamet/Bruce Springsteen”

I’m a firm believer that if an SNL sketch is going to be pre-taped, it needs to really use the medium well. The sketch did just that. The genre parody was perfectly done. The music and animation helped to create a tone that was equal parts wholesome and bizarre. The visual gags (“Tiny Horse Marries AOC”) were hysterical. All in all, this was a digital short masterpiece.

Saturday Night Live season 46: Best way to use a host: Bachelor Parody with Adele

From “Adele/H.E.R.”

Throughout this episode, Adele was at her best when she was just playing herself. The sketch was the perfect way to have Adele play a classic “fish out of water” sketch comedy character while also just being herself. This sketch also allowed Adele to use her incredible musical talent for a comedic purpose. One of the great things about Saturday Night Live is that it gives celebrities who aren’t comedians the chance to do comedy. This sketch exemplifies why that is such a good idea.

Saturday Night Live season 46: Best performance: Take Me Back

From “Dave Chappelle/Foo Fighters”

This sketch works so well because of Beck Bennett’s incredible comic timing. The script is fast and funny (Bennett co-wrote the sketch with Streeter Seidell), but it’s Bennett’s delivery that turns it into something special. You could teach a master class in sketch acting based on this one performance.

Saturday Night Live season 46: Best commercial parody: December to Remember

From “Timothée Chalamet/Bruce Springsteen”

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a commercial parody. This sketch demonstrates the best structure for a Saturday Night Live commercial parody. It starts as a spot-on imitation of an advertisement we’ve all seen hundreds of times before, and then it devolves into chaos.

This sketch is a sibling of “Take Me Back” because it’s another sketch written by Beck Bennett and Streeter Seidell that thrives off of Bennett’s comedic timing.

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What has been your favorite sketch so far this season on Saturday Night Live? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep checking Last Night On for more recaps and reviews on season 46.