Is Jimmy Kimmel Live new tonight, November 26?

Jimmy Kimmel (Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK)
Jimmy Kimmel (Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK) /

What should Jimmy Kimmel Live! fans expect to see tonight on ABC?

Thanksgiving is just about over. The leftovers have been put away. The football games are over. Now what? Is a brand new Jimmy Kimmel Live! an option?

The ABC late night show has done its best to prepare fans for today. Jimmy Kimmel introduced his latest invention designed to recreate some of the awkward family interactions that can come with a typical Thanksgiving meal.

Then Kimmel got a head start on the cooking talk during his interview with Kristen Stewart on Wednesday. The two talked about some of their favorite dishes and how they get creative in the kitchen.

So is Kimmel ready to serve up a new show tonight? Or should fans expect to see a repeat?

Is Jimmy Kimmel Live! new tonight?

It should come as no surprise to hear that Jimmy Kimmel is taking Thanksgiving off. There will not be a new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight.

Instead, ABC will reair the show from Nov. 17. If you missed Kimmel introducing People magazine’s pick for this year’s sexiest man alive, then you can catch the big reveal tonight. You’ll also see an interview with Alison Brie and a performance by G-Eazy featuring Blackbear.

Kimmel will be back on Monday. He has some pretty big-name guests planned out so it will be worth the wait for fans who were looking for something special on Thanksgiving.

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