Saturday Night Live adds Celebrity Jeopardy sketches to YouTube

Alex Trebek (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
Alex Trebek (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images) /

Saturday Night Live added more vintage Celebrity Jeopardy sketches to its YouTube channel following Alex Trebek’s death

The passing of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek affected millions of people around the world. The longtime game show host inspired a love of knowledge and curiosity, doing so with a grace and sense of humor that endeared him to so many. And thanks to “Celebrity Jeopardy” parodies, Trebek holds a special place in the hearts of Saturday Night Live fans.

Trebek’s death led to an outpouring of support and tribute from fans, his peers in the entertainment industry, and contestants made famous by Jeopardy! over the years. It was a testament to how beloved he was as well as to the longevity of Trebek’s career.

Saturday Night Live has found its own way to mark the occasion of Trebek’s passing. The show’s official YouTube channel added five more “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketches featuring Will Ferrell as Trebek. They feature impressions of stars like Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler, and Nicolas Cage.

Adding these sketches to YouTube, where more people can enjoy them, is a tribute to not only Alex Trebek but Sean Connery as well. The James Bond actor and cinema icon passed away on Oct. 31. Played by Darrell Hammond, Connery was Trebek’s nemesis in the sketches and was responsible for some of the best lines on SNL.

Celebrity Jeopardy was an influential sketch in Saturday Night Live’s history

The world’s familiarity with Jeopardy!, the popularity of Alex Trebek, and the host’s sense of humor all contributed to the success of Saturday Night Live‘s parody. Trebek’s surprise cameo during one installment was a way of giving his blessing to Will Ferrell and the impression, even though Trebek was the target of such crude humor.

SNL is keenly aware of how important “Celebrity Jeopardy” was to its success and legacy. Countless fans consider it among their favorite sketches. In many ways, it introduced Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds to a whole different audience. Norm MacDonald is just as well known as Turd Ferguson as he is as a former “Weekend Update” host.

The influence of the sketch continues to be felt today. Family Feud  parodies continue SNL’s gameshow sketches, using many of the same premises and themes made popular with “Celebrity Jeopardy” and Ferrell’s version of Alex Trebek. It also can’t be overlooked that “Celebrity Jeopardy” was including during SNL’s 40th-anniversary special, honoring the best and most iconic sketches in the show’s history.

Now fans can revisit more of these moments on YouTube. And don’t forget that every season of Saturday Night Live is available on Peacock.

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