Bill Maher: Common sense, not wokeness, will save Democratic Party

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Bill Maher offered the Democratic Party advice on how to appeal to more voters across the country

Democrats scored a major victory by taking the White House from Republicans. However, dreams of a “blue wave” flipping the Senate and winning other key races fell short of expectations. Bill Maher thinks a return to common sense is in order if Democrats are to figure out exactly what went wrong.

There is still a chance that Democrats take control of the Senate. It hinges on two runoff elections in George scheduled for January. But even if that happens, the political party still lost seats in the House and watched as more than 70 million Americans voted for President Donald Trump.

It is a sign of the divisiveness in the country that is influenced partly by extremism. The far right and the radical left are constantly portrayed as the only two options. And when each side sees no redeemable qualities about the other, then it is impossible for anything to change.

Bill Maher offered a potential solution for the Democratic Party. In his “New Rule” segment, the Real Time host argued that Democrats need more common sense and less wokeness if they have any hope of connecting with millions of Americans.

Bill Maher’s argument on wokeness is supported by several Democrats

Real Time with Bill Maher viewers know that the host is something of a reluctant supporter when it comes to the Democratic Party. He favors most Democratic candidates and policies but criticizes the party for pandering and often refusing to fight the same was as the Republican Party.

It’s part of the reason why the “blue wave” didn’t happen in 2020. Maher reminds people that Twitter is not real life, arguing that the social justice discussions happening there don’t always reflect national attitudes. An attempt to be inclusive has alienated millions of voters who see Democrats as going too far, says Maher.

Maher’s critique of wokeness and hypersensitivity is nothing new. But this time around, he points to Democratic politicians who seem to support his position. Chief among them is former President Barack Obama, who once dismissed wokeness and cancel culture as false activism.

As always, Bill Maher makes an interesting case for his position. Whether you agree with him or not, it is a conversation worth having as Democrats try to figure out a path forward. Some liberals may dismiss Maher after hearing his argument, calling him ignorant, insensitive, or clueless. But that would be perfectly fine for the Real Time host who says that just puts him with millions of other common-sense Americans.

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