Is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert new tonight, November 13?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS) /

What should The Late Show with Stephen Colbert fans expect to see tonight on CBS?

We have reached the end of the first week in what can be considered the start of a new era. How will The Late Show with Stephen Colbert mark the occasion?

Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the 2020 presidential election has been all over the map. He’s expressed feelings of pure joy, relief, exhaustion, and worry as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office and President Donald Trump refuses to concede it.

Colbert has found his own way to protest against President Trump’s refusal to admit defeat. The Late Show is now censoring the president’s name from the monologue after the host has stopped speaking it out loud.

Will the silent treatment continue tonight? Or is Colbert due for a break?

Is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert new tonight?

Stephen Colbert will be enjoying a much-deserved night off. There will not be a new episode of The Late Show tonight.

Instead, CBS will reair the Nov. 5 show. Fans can revisit Colbert’s interview with Larry Wilmore, who has his own late night show on Peacock.

The show also features Laura Benanti as the musical guest. Fans also know her as The Late Show‘s Melania Trump.

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