Is Saturday Night Live new tonight, November 7?

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) /

Will Saturday Night Live fans get a new episode tonight on NBC?

It was a historic day in American history and it’s expected to be capped off with a speech by President-Elect Joe Biden. But what does that mean for Saturday Night Live?

Election years have always been beneficial to Saturday Night Live. 2020 has been no different as the season 46 premiere earned its best ratings since 2016. The season has continued to build on that momentum thanks to sketches featuring Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump, Jim Carrey as former Vice President Joe Biden, and Maya Rudolph as Senator Kamala Harris.

SNL surprised some fans by announcing five consecutive new episodes to start off the season, bypassing its traditional break at the end of October. The good news continued when it was revealed that the first Saturday after the election would also be new.

There will be a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight. Dave Chappelle is your host and the Foo Fighers are the musical guest.

What to watch for on Saturday Night Live tonight

*Update*: Read our episode recap right here.

Chances are that Saturday Night Live had multiple cold opens prepared for tonight. Dave Chappelle likely had a few ideas for his monologue, too.

It’s been clear that Vice President Biden would win the election for some time now but nothing was official until Saturday afternoon. Pennsylvania was called for the democrat and pushed him over 270 electoral votes.

So now fans get to see how SNL responds to the end of President Trump’s tenure. Expect a sense of relief mixed with gloating and a party-like atmosphere.

Chappelle was the right choice no matter how things turned out. Four years ago, he said he was going to give President Trump a chance. Now the comedian has the chance to extend the same offer to Joe Biden and fans should also hear Chappelle reflect on the work still left to do regarding uniting the nation.

The election results also mean we’re nearing the end of Alec Baldwin’s run on SNL. The actor has made it clear that he’s been eager to hang up the wig and red tie. But President Trump isn’t ready to admit defeat so we haven’t seen the last of him or Alec Baldwin after tonight. However, the farewell tour begins tonight.

On the other side of things, Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph may have found themselves in a more stable gig. It’s hard to imagine that Carrey’s schedule will be open enough over the next four years to play Joe Biden as often as Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump. But for at least the rest of season 46, fans are in for a lot more Carrey.

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Saturday Night Live airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. on NBC. Let us know what you’ll be watching for in the comment section below.