Bill Maher has doubts about Rudy Giuliani’s October surprise

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Bill Maher reacted to the leak of emails reportedly from a laptop owned by Hunter Biden

President Donald Trump is hoping for a repeat of 2016 and with it, four more years in the White House. To get there, his campaign is relying on many of the same strategies from four years ago in hopes that lightning will strike twice. But for Bill Maher, things just aren’t adding up.

Around this time four years ago, late-night television was mocking candidate Donald Trump for being down in the polls, fighting back against scandals, and claiming that the election was rigged. Not much has changed as President Trump is now facing a different member of President Barack Obama’s administration.

Things swung into Trump’s favor in 2016 in part due to the Hillary Clinton email controversy. As Secretary of State, Clinton was using a private email server for conducting government business that involved classified information.

With President Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, his team is again banking on bombshell emails to turn the tide. This time it involves Hunter Biden and a New York Post story alleging that emails discovered on his laptop indicate he used his father’s position for personal gain. The acquisition and release of the emails were spearheaded by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Guiliani.

The Post story has been heavily scrutinized with many critics questioning its validity and noting it is likely part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher raised his own questions about Giuliani’s attempt at an October surprise.

Bill Maher finds a few holes in the Hunter Biden laptop story

Even at face value, the New York Post article raised more doubts than it did provide answers. The gist is that Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop in Delaware a year ago then forgot about it only to have his emails read by the repairman who in turn passed it on the FBI but not before making a copy of the hard drive for Rudy Giuliani.

The story becomes even more susceptible to criticism after it was reported that the U.S. intelligence community was aware of a Russian disinformation plot that would like include forging documents such as emails and including them in a dump of legitimate records. It was also reported that Rudy Giuliani was targeted as a potential way of spreading the disinformation and passing it along to the White House.

Bill Maher’s monologue doesn’t bother going into these intelligence reports or anything like that. Instead, the Real Time host has questions about the more salacious aspects of the story and the mysterious computer repairman who read Hunter Biden’s emails.

The fact that that is what Maher focuses on and that he doesn’t get to this story until two minutes into his monologue is a good indication of its impact. It seems unlikely that this October surprise will have much influence on voters or do anything to discredit Vice President Biden. On the contrary, it may only bring more scrutiny to Team Trump and Giuliani in particular.

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