Jimmy Kimmel questions President Trump’s immunity claims

President Donald Trump (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t buying President Donald Trump’s claims that he’s immune from COVID-19

From the start, President Donald Trump hasn’t had a firm grasp on the novel coronavirus, how it spreads, or how it is treated. That hasn’t stopped him from speaking about it at lengths, even after being diagnosed himself. And once again, Jimmy Kimmel had questions for the “contaminator-in-chief.”

Late-night has hammered President Trump’s pandemic response for months. The lack of a national plan, the support for unproven treatments, the dismissal of advice from medical experts, and the culture war against masks have all been called out by Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and every other host.

But with the election less than a month away, the show must go on for President Trump. Reports indicate that he wants to be on the road every day from now until the election, holding rallies across the country despite his recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

According to the president, he’s been given the green light to do this. President Trump has stated and tweeted that he is “immune” to the novel coronavirus and is not contagious. But as always, Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue put some of those claims through a round of fact checks:

Jimmy Kimmel calls President Trump desperate as he trails in the polls to Joe Biden

Jimmy Kimmel was amused to hear President Trump say that he only learned how contagious COVID-19 is after contracting it. Still, that newfound knowledge about the danger of an infectious disease didn’t stop the Trump train from rolling down to Florida for a rally.

Even if President Trump is no longer contagious, Kimmel doesn’t see this as something to celebrate. A number of people in the White House have already been infected and Kimmel thinks President Trump’s behavior has only emboldened those who are against wearing a mask or social distancing.

The one thing about President Trump that Kimmel did endorse was the idea of the president wearing a Superman shirt when he left the hospital. It’s the one impulse Kimmel wishes President Trump wasn’t talked out of doing. If the president is going to pull off bizarre stunts, Kimmel knows it could be much worse than pulling a Clark Kent in front of the cameras.

Instead, President Trump will go out on the campaign trail even if most medical experts would warn against it. For Kimmel, it’s the only move President Trump has left as he continues to trail former Vice President Joe Biden in nearly every poll. The president’s immunity will certainly be put to the test.

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