Trump’s White House return ripped by Colbert, Kimmel and Meyers

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Late-night hosts laid into President Donald Trump’s White House return despite COVID-19 diagnosis

President Donald Trump’s White House return was a surreal moment in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Just days after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, President Trump stood maskless on a balcony before returning to his residence. The moment was widely criticized, especially on late-night television.

President Trump’s entire response to the pandemic has been challenged by late-night television. The handling of his own diagnosis became more ammunition for the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers.

Defying medical recommendations, President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center and was flown back to the White House. He posed for pictures and his administration quickly edited together a promotional video upon his return.

The video was meant to be a sign of President Trump’s strength. Instead, the footage of the president standing on a White House balcony was examined and turned into late-night fodder.

Stephen Colbert on the influence of medication on Trump’s White House return

When President Trump began tweeting from Walter Reed about his health and plans to return to the White House, many wondered if it was a side effect of his medication. The treatment he received was reported to cause delusions and have other psychological effects.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert used this premise to imagine what was going on in President Trump’s mind as he stood on the White House balcony. Enter the Psychosis Goldfish giving the president advice on how to stand and telling him to remove his mask.

Colbert’s cold open hammers home the lack of reason and the abundance of false confidence President Trump demonstrated on the balcony, all in the name of a photo-op. Speaking of photo-ops…

Seth Meyers calls President Trump’s White House return a reckless photo-op

Seth Meyers used “A Closer Look” to examine President Donald Trump’s White House return. He argues that the stunt is representative of the entire Trump presidency. There was a disregard for science and a failure to consider anyone beyond just the president.

Meyers calls out President Trump for making “a big show” out of leaving the hospital and flying back to the White House. The Late Night host makes a point to remind everyone that President Trump is infectious and filled with steroids as well as other experimental drugs.

Like his photo-op at the church during racial justice protests, President Trump’s White House return backfired, says Meyers. The comedian highlights how the president appeared to be gasping for air and argues that it only reinforces how serious COVID-19 is right now.

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t convinced by President Trump’s White House return

Jimmy Kimmel ripped into President Donald Trump for serving his ego rather than the American people. The ABC host laid into the president for posing on the balcony without a mask despite everything we know about COVID-19 suggesting he should have remained hospitalized.

So Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to have some fun with President Trump’s hype video. Given the way the president was breathing on the balcony, Kimmel may not be all that far off to suggest he was on the verge of collapsing.

Kimmel wasn’t done there, saying that the video was over the top even for the Trump administration. The comedian compared it to the propaganda videos that come out of North Korea. Apparently, the friendship between the two world leaders includes exchanging movie ideas.

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