Stephen Colbert tries to uncover the truth about Trump’s health

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert sorted through was true and what was misleading about President Donald Trump’s health

President Donald Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical Center on Tuesday, claiming that he felt great and was ready to get back to work. But as Stephen Colbert tried to piece together the timeline of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, it suggested a much different reality.

The president’s tweet announcing he was heading back to the White House took the country by surprise. His team of doctors at Walter Reed then held a press conference to support the decision despite inconsistencies regarding the recommended length of hospitalization for a novel coronavirus patient.

Playing fast and loose with the truth has become a hallmark of the Trump administration. Stephen Colbert knows this better than anybody. But even the Late Show host was surprised to see a topic as serious as the president’s health be put through the spin machine by both medical professionals and Team Trump.

On Tuesday night, Colbert’s monologue tried to sort things out and get to the bottom of exactly what is going on with President Trump. The comedian may have ended up with even more questions than answers.

Stephen Colbert called the lack of transparency on Trump’s health infuriating

Like many others, Stephen Colbert considers the president’s health to be an issue of national security. He argues it goes beyond partisan politics and the information should be openly shared with the American people. The problem is that the Trump administration has rarely been so willing to share information especially when it doesn’t project an image of strength.

So when Dr. Sean Conley refused to get into specifics about President Trump’s last negative COVID-19 test or supplemental oxygen needs, Colbert called it “infuriating.” The Late Show host took it upon himself to try to find out the truth.

Colbert spends the second half of his monologue tracking President Trump’s health back even beyond his initial tweet announcing his diagnosis. What Colbert discovered was something he’s been saying all along: the Trump administration lied.

No matter what Team Trump said publicly or what President Trump said in his videos, Colbert warns that the administration cannot be trusted when it comes to COVID-19.

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