Tonight Show: John Cena hypes BTS and the BTS Army

John Cena (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
John Cena (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

BTS has a superfan in John Cena who praised the band and his fellow fans on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

John Cena knows what it’s like to have a passionate following. As one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history, he saw first-hand how intense fan love can get. So people should pay attention when Cena hypes up K-pop superstars BTS and the BTS Army of supporters like he did last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

It was a special night for Cena in more ways than one. He was Jimmy Fallon’s first in-studio guest since The Tonight Show returned to its 30 Rock studio after spending months broadcasting from Fallon’s home.

Cena, who was promoting his new children’s book Elbow Grease: Fast Friends, also came to The Tonight Show during BTS week. The actor has made it clear that he is a massive fan of the band and the respect is mutual.

During his interview, Cena made a point to explain why his love for BTS goes beyond the music and live performances. He detailed how the message behind the music as well as the charity and kindness of the BTS Army inspired him to become a fan:

John Cena explains what makes the BTS Army unique in the entertainment industry

There is no denying that BTS has one of, if not the, biggest followings in all of entertainment. It’s part of the reason why The Tonight Show and so many other late-night shows turn to the band for special events and performances. BTS comes with a built-in audience of millions who will tune in from around the world and share clips across social media.

Often when anything gets massively popular, be it a band, a TV show, or a celebrity, there can grow a counter-movement against it. This can be motivated by jealousy, spite, or plain contrarianism. John Cena acknowledges that the music of BTS isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. But Cena says you can’t deny the good the band has inspired or how the BTS Army has been a positive force in the world.

Cena cites the fans’ donations to Black Lives Matter and rightfully expresses his appreciation. Funds were also raised by the Army on behalf of James Corden.

Every band would be lucky to have a fanbase like the BTS Army. And as Cena made clear, the world is lucky we already have them.

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Are you part of the BTS Army like John Cena? What other fanbase compares to the K-pop band’s supporters? Share your thoughts in the comment section.