Jimmy Kimmel defends Biden against Team Trump’s PED allegations

Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel hit back against Team Trump insinuating that former Vice President Joe Biden uses performance-enhancing drugs

Jimmy Kimmel opened his monologue by comparing the first presidential debate to Wrestlemania. It was an apt comparison given President Donald Trump’s preference to turn everything into a spectacle complete with shouting taunts at his opponent. The wrestling analogy was even more apt leading up to the debate as Team Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden of using performance-enhancing drugs.

President Trump indicated that he wanted Vice President Biden to submit to a drug test prior to the debate. His campaign also reportedly wanted to inspect the Democratic nominee for any potential listening devices in his ear, adding more fuel to a debunked conspiracy theory about Vice President Biden receiving assistance in his interviews.

Rudy Guiliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, was among those making the rounds on television to question Vice President Biden’s mental fitness. The former New York City mayor claimed that Vice President Biden had dementia and was abusing Adderall.

Jimmy Kimmel came to the defense of the Democratic nominee for president. The late-night host argued this was another case of Team Trump accusing others of the same things directed at President Trump:

As late-night television has shown us time and time again, things usually get worse for President Trump when Rudy Giuliani is on the case. His television interviews often become trainwrecks that distract from whatever message he’s trying to get across. And like his allegations against Vice President Biden, the message is rarely one based in reality.

Jimmy Kimmel lays out his case against President Donald Trump

The Biden campaign has attempted to take the high road by ignoring the accusations of PED use and not signifying them by agreeing to any sort of tests. As a late-night comedian, Jimmy Kimmel is more than happy to get in the mud with Team Trump.

Reports that President Trump uses Adderall are nothing new. But like the ones against Vice President Biden, they have not been proven to be true. Still, that doesn’t stop Kimmel from examining the symptoms of Adderall abuse including:

  • being overly talkative
  • aggression
  • impulsive behavior
  • incomplete thoughts

The list could be just as easily used to describe President Trump’s behavior during the first debate. Kimmel called it the “worst debate ever” and it is hard to argue with that assessment given the absolute debacle it devolved into on Tuesday night.

If Team Trump wants to continue questioning Vice President Biden’s mental acuity or whether he is using performance-enhancing drugs, they should be prepared for Jimmy Kimmel and others to turn the tables on President Trump every time.

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