Jimmy Kimmel turns COVID safety into a prank

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

Jimmy Kimmel used pandemic safety measures to prank his staff

It doesn’t matter the time, place, or circumstances–Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank even during a pandemic. His latest stunt came at the expense of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as they returned to work.

Kimmel returned to his late-night gig on Monday night after taking the summer off from his ABC show. His comeback coincided with production moving back into the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio and offices with no audience and a smaller crew.

That crew and other staff members were welcomed back in typical Kimmel fashion. The comedian was behind a prank that tested his staff’s patience when it came to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines meant to make things as sanitary as possible.

Watch as Kimmel’s fake health inspector gets very personal with the late-night show’s staff. Fans will especially want to see Guillermo do his best to remain calm under the unusual circumstances.

Jimmy Kimmel’s staff remain his favorite targets for a prank

Fans could argue that nobody gets pranked by Jimmy Kimmel quite like Aunt Chippy. But Kimmel always seems to go out of his way to mess with his staff. And despite how often he pranks the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, people continue to fall for his tricks.

In fairness, nobody may have expected that Kimmel would use a pandemic as the setup for another prank. Yet that is exactly what he did, getting staff members to discuss bathroom habits, mimic opening a door, and agree that they’ll walk in the opposite direction rather than get too close to the host.

It was the lates in a long line of pranks and bits targeting staff members. Fans will remember the wax figure prank, the alligator prank pulled on Guillermo, and how Cousin Sal has helped, and targeted, Jimmy in the past.

So working at Jimmy Kimmel Live! is either very exciting or very terrifying based on how you feel about pranks. And if you want to take the advice of Prompter Bob, find a different industry to work in no matter how you feel.

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