Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s climate change denial in California

Stephen Colbert responded to President Trump’s assessment of California’s wildfires

Throughout his time in office, President Trump has claimed to be an expert in several fields. The latest area of expertise is apparently climate science and forest management. However, Stephen Colbert had some questions for the president.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returned last night on CBS after a two-week break. The late-night show did not miss a beat and jumped right back into the biggest stories of the week, including the crisis in California.

President Trump traveled to California to survey damage from the ongoing wildfires. He met with a local task force in a televised briefing and also spoke with reporters about the situation.

As Colbert explained in his monologue, President Trump demonstrated a startling lack of knowledge about the cause of forest fires. And what was worse for the Late Show host was the president’s clear denial of climate change.

Stephen Colbert calls out President Trump’s dangerous denial of science

Stephen Colbert should be used to President Trump trying to explain the weather and climate by now. We’ve heard the president detail how the novel coronavirus would disappear with warmer weather in April and we’ve seen him predict the path of a hurricane against experts’ models.

Once again, Colbert sees President Trump push back against experts, this time about climate change and the science behind these devastating wildfires. It is similar to how the president has contradicted experts during the pandemic, something Colbert has highlighted time and time again.

President Trump’s explanation of trees exploding received a lot of attention. But this isn’t the first time he’s suggested that forest management is more responsible for fires than climate change. Some late-night fans may recall the jokes that came after President Trump claimed that Finland avoided forest fires through a strict raking regimen.

The second half of Colbert’s monologue looked at how President Trump publically downplayed COVID-19 while privately he was well aware of the risks. The Late Show host counts it as another time the president has politicized science and put facts to the side.

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