Bill Maher wants teachers to get more respect from parents

Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images) /

Bill Maher says the pandemic should change how teachers are treated by parents

The novel coronavirus pandemic completely upended daily life for everyone. For parents, that means taking on more responsibilities when it comes to their children’s education. And with schools back in session, Bill Maher says it’s a good time to reassess how parents treat teachers.

Distance learning and remote classrooms caused some parents to become much more involved with their kids’ day-to-day lessons. This meant everything from getting supplies to setting up Zoom calls to supplementing learning. It took a toll on many parents and influenced the debate over sending kids back to school or continuing with learning at home.

Surveys indicate that parents have a newfound respect for teachers after the experience. It’s about time, says Bill Maher. The late-night host laid out his thoughts on “helicopter parents” and the perception of teachers last night on Real Time.

Bill Maher wants parents to side with teachers in classroom disagreements

In this “New Rule” segment, Bill Maher got to touch on a few different topics that have long irked him. Participation trophies, excessive coddling, safe spaces, and people overstepping their bounds are all targeted by Maher.

And on top of all that, Maher wants parents to side against their children next time a disagreement comes up in the classroom. Perhaps the pandemic has taught some parents about the challenges teachers face while trying to organize, educate, and discipline as many as 30 kids at once.

It is another example of Maher calling for major changes in American society because of lessons learned during the pandemic. Previously, Maher has cited the need for shifts in American eating habits and demanded action against the obesity problem.

Only time will tell if any of Maher’s rules get put into effect. In the meantime, the Real Time host will continue trying to educate his audience based on the lessons he’s learned.

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