Conan gets the Property Brothers to clean up Jordan Schlansky’s office

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)
Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images) /

Conan O’Brien called in Jonathan and Drew Scott to improve Jordan’s office

Jordan Schlansky’s office at Team Coco is well-known to late-night fans. The Conan producer has been called out for the chaotic state of his workspace and now Conan O’Brien has finally done something major about it with a little help from the Property Brothers.

Jordan’s office has been the setting for multiple remote pieces on Conan. Most famously, it was where O’Brien staked out while waiting to confront his producer for showing up late. The late-night host went through an assortment of trash, food, and other odds and ends in one of the best interactions between the pair.

An office that bad needed professional help to get back in track. That’s why Conan turned to Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as the Property Brothers. The twins have built an empire thanks to their home improvement and design talents.

They may have met their match with Jordan’s office. And having Conan O’Brien there added a wrinkle the Property Brothers likely haven’t encountered before either.

As usual, Jordan was against Conan’s entire premise but remained “passive” to the agenda of renovating his office. The producer is rarely a willing participant in his boss’s plans but that’s why so many fans enjoying watching the dynamic.

No segment with Jordan would be complete without a reference to Italy. Drew Scott mentioned he got married in Italy and knows it well, a statement that Jordan wasn’t so quick to accept as fact.

Fans were quick to notice that the only time Jordan broke “character” during this segment was when confronted about his Squatty Potty. There seems to be something about bathroom humor that gets Schlansky especially amused.

Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented the Property Brothers from doing the complete overhaul of Jordan’s office that O’Brien hoped for. But the comedian sounds pretty pleased with the adjustments that were made.

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