Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, September 6?

John Oliver (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for NRDC)
John Oliver (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for NRDC) /

What should Last Week Tonight with John Oliver fans expect to see tonight?

For most of us, tomorrow will be an extra day to sleep in or enjoy the last bite of summer vacation. It’s what Labor Day is all about. But what does that mean for late-night fans hoping to catch a brand new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

During this time of year, it can be tricky to nail down a set schedule for television. We’ve reached the end of the summer season and the all-important fall season is just around the corner. It is typically a time when shows rest or allow their cast and crew one final summer vacation.

Late-night television fans know this all too well after the previous week. Shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Late Night with Seth Meyers all took the week off.

But fans also know that HBO keeps its late-night shows on a different schedule. So what does that mean for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

Sorry, fans but you’re in for a week without John Oliver. The show is off this week and it won’t return until the end of the month.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has become an important voice over the past few weeks

Ask any late-night fan and they’ll point to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as perhaps the show that’s best adapted to life in the new normal. Without a studio audience. John Oliver has continued to thrive and deliver important commentary weaved through hilariously entertaining jokes.

The show has become laser-focused on two key issues during season 7: the pandemic and social justice. Oliver’s main stories have typically either centered on the government’s response to the novel coronavirus or how systemic racism is present in almost every facet of daily life.

Fans have been extra supportive of Oliver during this run. Last Week Tonight routinely trends on social media the next day and Oliver can drive the conversation staring on Monday mornings with just one segment of his late-night show.

All of this is to say that we’ll be without that voice for the next three weeks. Thankfully, late-night fans have plenty of other options to turn to while they await the return of Last Week Tonight.

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