James Veitch’s comedy special produced by Conan O’Brien gets a trailer

Conan O’Brien is helping bring James Veitch to HBO Max

Conan O’Brien fans are very familiar with stand-up comedian James Veitch. And now thanks to the late-night host, an even bigger audience is about to be exposed to Veitch’s unique brand of comedy.

HBO Max’s library of comedy content is set to have Conan O’Brien’s fingerprints all over it. O’Brien and his Team Coco will be behind a number of comedy specials and original programming while also bringing Conan Without Borders to the streaming service.

One of the first comedy specials produced by Conan O’Brien coming to HBO Max will be James Veitch: Straight to VHS. The hourlong special, coming on Aug. 20, will cover everything from technology to gaming to love through Veitch’s very original view of the world.

The trailer for Straight to VHS was a great reminder of how there aren’t many comics doing what James Veitch is doing. It also served as a reminder of Team Coco’s incredible comedy brand that continues to expand.

James Veitch had a breakthrough performance on Conan O’Brien’s show

It’s easy to see why Conan O’Brien has taken such a liking to James Veitch. The stand-up’s style is absurd and silly while also displaying his cleverness and intelligence. It’s something that late-night fans have loved about O’Brien since he started back in 1993.

Veitch first appeared on Conan in 2017. His entire set was dedicated to the texts he exchanged with his roommates about the storage space in their shared bathroom. The clip has since earned over 26 million views, becoming one of Team Coco’s most-watched


After that, it wasn’t long before Veitch was back on Conan once again detailing his special way of messing with people. From there, it was a spot on the “Conan O’Brien and Friends” comedy tour and now an O’Brien-produced comedy special for HBO Max.

It looks like there will be a long and fruitful relationship between Conan O’Brien and James Veitch. Comedy fans couldn’t pick a better duo and are no doubt excited to see what comes next.

James Veitch: Straight to VHS arrives on HBO Max on Aug. 20. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comment section and keep checking Last Night On for more from Conan O’Brien.