A Closer Look: Why Seth Meyers says Trump and the GOP are desperate

Seth Meyers questioned Republican priorities in another A Closer Look

Given what is going on in the country, you’d think it would be easy for the federal government to have its priorities in order. But that is hardly the case according to Seth Meyers. In Monday’s “A Closer Look,” the Late Night host attacked President Donald Trump and the Republican Party by calling them desperate and morally bankrupt.

Despite White House predictions, the novel coronavirus pandemic is still going as we reach the end of July. Some states have fared better than others and are on the road to recovery. Others, however, remain as hotspots delaying economic recovery.

A debate is ongoing regarding how to help the millions of Americans facing unemployment. The end of July marked the end of a $600 weekly benefit to those without a job. Now the GOP wants to reduce that amount while Democrats are pushing for it to remain in effect.

The pushback against unemployment benefits is just one example of why Late Night with Seth Meyers calls Republicans “morally bankrupt.” On top of that, Meyers sees the continued use of secret police as a move of desperation by President Trump. He explained in “A Closer Look.”

A Closer Look called out the desperate measures used by Republicans

Seth Meyers has noticed the difficulty facing President Donald Trump is vilifying former Vice President Joe Biden. So instead, a new strategy has been put in place that relies on attacking immigrants and fixing problems the administration creates.

Now with the election less than 100 days away, Meyers thinks the Republican Party and President Trump’s allies are in desperation mode. It’s the only explanation Meyers has for Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talking about Paw Patrol and LEGO. Focusing on “cancel culture” and the apparent anarchist takeover of cities like Portland, Oregon makes it easier to cover up the failings of the pandemic response.

And for Meyers, Republicans and President Trump have a reason to be desperate. The Late Night host sees no avenue for reelection considering the failings of the past four years and especially over the past four months. This was the most biting assessment from “A Closer Look” on Monday night:

This bottom of the barrel culture war bullsh–., a result of a political movement that is intellectually barren and morally bankrupt. They have nothing to run on, no policies to champion, no achievements to tout so they think they can get voters to care about statues and cartoons. It’s all they have left and that’s because Americans know Trump has failed.

Meyers hoped that any desperation would turn into a renewed focus on testing, contact tracing, and helping the unemployed. Instead, he hears President Trump once again that the best course of action would be to do less testing so that America “looks better.” When this is the leader of the Republican Party, Meyers can see why desperate measures are being taken.

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