The best of Conan Without Borders is streaming on HBO Max

Conan Without Borders arrives on HBO Max, featuring Conan O’Brien’s best adventures

The way things are right now, travel is out of the question for many people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live vicariously through someone else’s globetrotting adventures. And there isn’t a better way to do that than with Conan O’Brien in Conan Without Borders.

O’Brien has become the world’s premier travel host on television mostly by accident. In 2015, he taped Conan in Cuba to mark improving relations between the U.S. and Cuba. The popularity of that episode helped encourage more adventures that have taken O’Brien and friends around the world.

Fans are free to revisit O’Brien’s travel specials in a variety of ways. Highlights can be found on the Conan YouTube channel. Six episodes are available for streaming on Netflix.

But if fans want to see complete episodes of Conan Without Borders at its best, then HBO Max is the place to go. O’Brien announced the arrival of his travel specials on the new streaming service during Tuesday night’s episode of Conan.

HBO Max will feature Conan Without Borders episodes not found on other platforms

Seven episodes of Conan Without Borders are currently available on HBO Max. Subscribers to multiple streaming services will be happy to know that HBO Max’s collection is completely different from the one found on Netflix. Here’s where you can see Conan visit if you watch on HBO Max:

  • Armenia
  • Qatar
  • Australia
  • Berlin
  • Ghana
  • Greenland
  • Japan

Each Conan Without Borders is incredible in its own right and ranking them seems unfair. But it’s hard to imagine a better collection than the one being offered by HBO Max. Yes, Netflix still has Conan’s trip to Italy with Jordan Schlansky and the comedian’s journey to Korea. But on HBO Max, fans can see O’Brien at his best with some help from friends.

In Armenia, O’Brien was accompanied by his assistant Sona Movsesian. It seems like a no-brainer now to have Sona as Conan’s comedy sidekick given the success of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.” But in 2015, Sona wasn’t quite in the spotlight the way she is now. Watching the Armenia episode of Conan Without Borders offers more insight into the dynamic between the two while also educating audiences about Armenia history.

In Qatar, O’Brien travels with former First Lady Michelle Obama. He visits Ghana with actor Sam Richardson and negotiates on behalf of President Donald Trump in Greenland. And in his trip to Japan, O’Brien proved he is America’s best ambassador and that his sense of humor is truly international.

There is no indication that Conan Without Borders is leaving Netflix in the immediate future. Fans are still free to check out those trips, too. HBO Max just ensures that more content from Team Coco is available which is always a good thing.

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Which episode of Conan Without Borders is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. Keep checking Last Night On for more from Conan and the rest of late night television.

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