Billy Eichner is using Cameo to deliver much-needed PSAs

Billy Eichner (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images)
Billy Eichner (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images) /

Billy Eichner showed fans what they can get from him on Cameo

Cameo is a video-sharing service that allows fans to send and receive personalized messages from their favorite celebrities. Anyone looking for a message from Billy Eichner is sure to get more than just a “happy birthday” or “congratulations.”

Eicher guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live!on Wednesday, the first of a two-night gig that sees Eichner as the second fill-in for Jimmy Kimmel. To the surprise of no one familiar with Eichner’s work, he crushed it and will likely be even better on Thursday night.

During his monologue, Eichner shared how he has been staying busy while in lockdown. It hasn’t been easy for the actor but he’s making the most of the situation. That includes signing himself up for Cameo where fans can hear directly from the Billy on the Street and Lion King star.

But those familiar with Eichner know he always has a lot to say. And that includes plenty of commentary on social issues like the novel coronavirus pandemic. So if you’re interested in a Billy Eichner cameo, you’ll be getting a little something extra. Eichner isn’t just out to make money for himself–he wants to educate the public too:

Billy Eichner proved he was a smart choice to host Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fans who tuned in to watch Billy Eichner host Jimmy Kimmel Live! were initially taken off-guard. It was one of the rare times Eichner was on camera and not yelling in his signature voice. But that changed with his Cameo bit as the comedian got back to what he does best.

Sadly, you won’t actually find Eichner on Cameo. So if you do have a friend who refuses to wear a mask, needs to acknowledge his or her biases, or needs encouragement on where to donate money, you’re on your own. At the very least Eichner has provided a blueprint on how to talk with friends and family.

This bit is a perfect example of why Eichner was chosen as one of Jimmy Kimmel’s replacements this summer. Eicher took something from pop culture, found a comedy angle, and threaded in his social commentary. It is something that late night hosts have been doing for years now and Eicher nails it on his first attempt.

In the span of three minutes, Eichner hit on systemic racism, the politicization of the pandemic, and the defund the police debate. Late night has been covering these issues for months, balancing comedy with sincere discussion. Eichner found out how to add his voice while staying very much on brand with the Cameo parody.

Eicher returns to host tonight with another solid pair of guests. He’ll talk with actor and singer Billy Porter as well as singer Kim Petras. Here’s hoping we also get to see Elena in the sidekick role.

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