Conan O’Brien’s stage show stars one of his best guests

Conan O’Brien returns to a stage tonight with help from an old friend

Late night television is taking one of its first steps on the road back to normal tonight. Conan O’Brien moves from his house to a proper stage for a week of Conan shows. To help get things off on the right foot, one of the show’s best guests of all-time joins the party.

O’Brien and Team Coco announced that Conan would be filmed from the famous Largo at the Coronet theater in Hollywood, California. The historic venue has been struggling during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Conan will lend a helping hand by renting out the stage this week.

Conan will rely on a small crew to put the show together in person. The rest of Team Coco will continue to work remotely to help ensure that social distancing guidelines are maintained. So while it won’t exactly be back to normal, Conan O’Brien should have a noticeable change in energy and tone while working from a stage instead of his backyard.

Interviews will continue to be conducted via Zoom. Again, it’s not ideal for O’Brien or the audience at home. But late night television has proved during the pandemic that it can make the most of any situation.

Conan O’Brien welcomes Will Ferrell as his first guest this week

Making things a little easier is the fact that Conan O’Brien’s guest for tonight’s show will be Will Ferrell. It’s hard to pick a better guest over the course of O’Brien’s late night career, dating back to the Late Night days during the ’90s.

Ferrell is still out promoting his Netflix comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Fans have been thankful for another Ferrell comedy during lockdown. And they should be even more thankful for another opportunity to see Ferrell go one-on-one with O’Brien.

With the interview taking place over Zoom, it may be less likely that Ferrell debuts another character or strange wardrobe choice as has been the case during his past Conan appearances. Then again, the return to a stage show is a special occasion and just may require a surprise from Ferrell.

What are your predictions for Will Ferrell and Conan O’Brien tonight? Share your thoughts in the comment sectionConan airs tonight at 11:00 P.M. E.T. on TBS.