Stephen Colbert enjoys Trump’s walk of shame after Tulsa rally

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert reacted to President Donald Trump’s underwhelming rally

President Donald Trump has been holding his signature rallies across the country for years now. Few received the attention and build-up as his June 20 event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And perhaps none were quite the flop that Tulsa’s rally became. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert made sure to savor the moment on Monday night.

Stephen Colbert was among the many people condemning President Trump for scheduling this rally in the first place. The novel coronavirus pandemic hasn’t gone away and medical experts continue to advise against large indoor gatherings. Yet for President Trump, the show must go on.

Then there was the original date of June 19. The president planned to hold his rally on the Juneteenth holiday, in a city that was the site of horrific racial violence, during a current period of social unrest over racial equality. Colbert was understandably disappointed and disgusted by the plan.

But the rally was rescheduled and Team Trump put the focus on the nearly one million ticket requests it received. Plans were made for an overflow area and outdoor structures to accommodate the tens of thousands of expected supporters.

Only they never showed, adding a layer of embarrassment and frustration to what was already a bizarre speech from the president. Here’s how Stephen Colbert took the time to enjoy the moment on Monday night:

Stephen Colbert called President Trump’s Tulsa rally a disaster

It is worth noting that the crowd size at a rally isn’t necessarily an indicator of political support. Yes, President Trump trails former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls but by no means is the Nov. election decided.

But Colbert can mock the president over this so relentlessly because of how much it was hyped by the White House. Media appearances, tweets, and interviews all built up expectations. It’s only right that Colbert and other comedians enjoy a legitimate opportunity to mock President Trump. Countless Late Show monologues have been spent offering a reality check to Team Trump and Colbert delivered one of the best on Monday.

Things were made even worse when the White House tried to deny that President Trump was angry about the turnout and instead claim that he was energized after the rally. But the president’s walk from the helicopter after returning to Washington painted a very different picture. The images of a deflated Donald Trump went viral and was a cherry on top for Stephen Colbert.

Colbert spent the rest of Monday’s monologue diving into the actual content of President Trump’s speech. It didn’t exactly help divert attention from the attendance or his now-famous helicopter walk. But the fact that Colbert started off with those embarrassments tells fans just how much satisfaction it gave the Late Show host.

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