It’s King of Staten Island week on late night television

Pete Davidson and Bill Burr in The King of Staten Island, courtesy Universal Studios
Pete Davidson and Bill Burr in The King of Staten Island, courtesy Universal Studios /

The comedy stars behind The King of Staten Island take over late night this week

The King of Staten Island was released to widespread positive reviews. It’s easy to see why when you consider the comedy heavyweights behind the movie and their promotion tour through late night television peaks this week.

The novel coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to release a movie in theaters. Massive blockbusters like No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984 have been pushed back until at least the fall. Only those made for Netflix and other streaming services were without an obstacle or tough decision about a release date.

The King of Staten Island, led by director Judd Apatow and star/writer Pete Davidson, chose a different path. Due in part to the film’s focus on first responders and the need for an escape, the movie was not delayed a year and instead released to video-on-demand on June 12.

Critics and fans have been mostly supportive of the movie and Davidson’s first starring role. If you’ve been hesitant about renting The King of Staten Island, this week’s late night guest lineup may help change your mind.

The King of Staten Island features some of late night television’s best guests

Start TKOSI week with the star of the movie. Pete Davidson continues his late night TV tour with an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight.

Davidson has been praised for his performance in the movie, perhaps surprising some viewers with his acting abilities throughout the comedy/drama. Add in the fact that Davidson co-wrote The King of Staten Island and it is an impressive accomplishment for the 26-year-old comedian.

Davidson has made plenty of headlines for what he does outside of Saturday Night Live. But he recently put an end to any concern that he would be leaving SNL despite one year left on his contract.

Meyers’ interviews with anyone from the SNL universe are always that much more entertaining. Fans can expect him to ask Davidson about the experience of making Saturday Night Live at Home, his plans for the summer break, and what convinced him that going back to Studio 8H was the right thing to do.

Also on Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel Live! welcomes one of the movie’s stars. Bill Burr is set to check in for a virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

In The King of Staten Island, Burr plays a firefighter who dates Davidson’s mom played by Marisa Tomei. Burr’s performance has been especially well-received. It continues an impressive run of acting credits for Burr that also includes The Front Runner and The Mandalorian.

It also helps that Burr is one of the best guests anywhere in late night. His rants on Conan are among the funniest interview moments in the show’s history. Burr may have mellowed out over the past few years but he’s still a hilarious comedian and has solid chemistry with Kimmel.

Late Night with Seth Meyers will also host the movie’s director and co-writer. Judd Apatow is scheduled to appear on Thursday, June 18.

Like Davidson, Apatow has already been out promoting the movie in interviews and on late night shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Expect him to give some insight into the writing process for The King of Staten Island and what it was like to shoot the movie in New York with Davidson. Apatow should also further explain to Meyers why he decided to release the movie on-demand rather than shelf it for a theatrical release.

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Have you seen The King of Staten Island yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section and be sure to check out the comedians behind the movie this week on late night television.