Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, June 14?

John Oliver (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
John Oliver (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

What should Last Week Tonight with John Oliver fans expect to see tonight?

It has been yet another busy week and one in which the same stories continue to dominate the headlines. It also means that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has no shortage of inspiration when it comes to contributing to the discussion.

For the past few weeks, late night television shows have shifted from covering the novel coronavirus pandemic to the protests and demonstrations for racial equality. One common thread between both stories has been criticism of how the White House has handled the crises.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been no different. Season 7 of the HBO show has dedicated multiple segments to COVID-19 and how the Trump administration failed to properly react.

And in its last episode, Last Week Tonight addressed the issue of police brutality and explained the concept of “defund the police.” So will fans get another contribution to the conversation from Oliver tonight? Or is it time for the show to take a week off?

The answer: Yes, there is a brand new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It is scheduled to air tonight on HBO at 11:23 PM ET.

What could Last Week Tonight with John Oliver want to cover tonight?

On John Oliver’s Twitter last week, he mentioned that remote episodes are filmed on Saturday mornings. This means the show can’t always address the topics they want if they break late in the week. That, coupled with the show’s history of topics, can make it hard to know exactly what the show will cover.

But given the state of civil unrest and the need for constant attention on these major issues, it’s hard to imagine Oliver and Last Week Tonight‘s writers turning away from the big stories.

Oliver could offer an update to his 2017 piece on the Confederacy. It would come as President Donald Trump has stated he won’t allow military installations named after Confederate generals to be changed.

The militarization of the police could also get a closer look. “Defund the police” has been a point of contention so Last Week Tonight may want to further examine how local police departments are funded and equipped.

President Trump made headlines when he announced his MAGA rallies were ready to restart. The first event was set for June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This sparked immediate backlash given the importance of the Juneteenth holiday and the history of racial violence in Tulsa. President Trump announced he would change the date to June 20. Last Week Tonight could provide more context on the holiday, the massacre in Tulsa, and what it can teach us today.

Multiple government and police officials over the past month have been asked to comment on systemic racism in America. Some, like Vice President Mike Pence, have hesitated to directly answer the question. This could certainly be a topic that Last Week Tonight wants to cover in-depth.

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