Jimmy Kimmel investigates Trump’s Michigan Man of the Year claim

Donald Trump (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel took a closer look at why President Donald Trump continues to claim he was named Michigan’s Man of the Year.

One would think that being named president of the United States would be enough to dwarf all of Donald Trump’s other accomplishments. But as Jimmy Kimmel found out, President Trump is still celebrating an honor he received years ago. Or did he?

President Trump put himself into a public spat with the state of Michigan this week. He tweeted out his anger at the state sending mail-in ballot applications to voters. The president went on to suggest federal funds for the state would be withheld for the “illegal” measure that wasn’t actually illegal.

When asked if he was sending the wrong message to Michigan–an important state in the upcoming election and one still reeling from floods–the president was not concerned. He cited Michigan’s love for him that dated back before he even decided to run for office. The president claimed that he was named Michigan’s Man of the Year at a “big event.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! noticed that this was not the first time President Trump reminded everyone of the honor. However, it didn’t take much digging for Kimmel to get to the bottom of things and uncover the truth behind the Michigan Man of the Year tale:

Jimmy Kimmel backed up his latest attack on Trump’s credibility with plenty of evidence.

Kimmel’s monologue actually started by mocking President Trump over his hydroxychloroquine regimen. While the comedian had his own dark theory on why the president would take the experimental drug, Kimmel shared his actual thoughts on Thursday night. According to Kimmel, President Trump was never actually taking the drug and you can tell he lied because “it came out of his mouth.”

The same explanation is behind Kimmel’s skepticism over the Michigan Man of the Year stuff. He reveals that there is no record of any such award existing or evidence that Donald Trump received any special recognition from Michigan.

Despite how easy it is to fact-check the claim, President Trump shows no sign of backing down from it. Kimmel cuts together 13 different times in which President Trump told supporters, crowds, or the media that he was Michigan’s Man of the Year.

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Jimmy Kimmel usually spends his monologue calling out a lie from President Donald Trump. It’s just hard to think of one more bizarre than the Michigan Man of the Year claim. Now that Kimmel and others are catching on, we’ll have to wait and see if the president backs off or doubles down.