Stephen Colbert baffled by Trump’s hydroxychloroquine admission

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump taking hydroxychloroquine and firing a State Department inspector general.

President Donald Trump recently revealed two decisions that immediately made headlines and caused instant reactions. Stephen Colbert is among those shocked but not necessarily surprised by what the president is doing to himself and the government.

This has been a common theme in how The Late Show with Stephen Colbert covers the Trump administration. Seeing questionable decisions and scandals happen over and over means the late night show and its host are used to surprises. But that doesn’t mean that Colbert and company can’t still be shocked by any revelations or confession that comes from the White House.

The latest example came over the weekend and on Monday. President Trump admitted that he has been taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against COVID-19. This comes despite warnings from medical experts that the drug could have harmful side effects and is not a proven method of preventing the novel coronavirus.

This came after it was announced that President Trump had fired State Department Inspector General Steve Linick at the request of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Watch as Colbert explains why the firing, and hydroxychloroquine admission, is shocking but not surprising:

A pandemic is when the opinions and recommendations of medical experts should take precedent over all else. Stephen Colbert, other late night hosts, and countless others have relentlessly tried to hammer this point home. Still, President Trump is taking doses of hydroxychloroquine because he’s heard good things about from phone calls.

President Trump refusing to listen to experts in favor of his own gut instincts is nothing new. It’s part of the reason Colbert isn’t all that surprised to hear the president is taking the “miracle drug” he spent weeks promoting. The Late Show host could only be surprised by any news about disinfectant injections at this point.

Colbert then moves on to the next shocking-but-not-surprising story. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested that the president fire Inspector General Steve Linick. Colbert points out that President Trump’s typical “I don’t know him” excuse isn’t exactly a good look in this case. That is especially true after it was reported that Linick was investigating Secretary Pompeo for making his staff run personal errands and not cooperating with a closer look at an $8 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

The Late Show couldn’t even cover these two major stories for long because of how much other stuff they wanted to get to. The Space Force, President Trump’s rambling phone call, and former President Barack Obama’s swipe at leadership fill out a jam-packed monologue. Again, Colbert isn’t surprised that there is this much to mock in the era we’re in.

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