A Closer Look: Seth Meyers on Trump’s Obamagate distraction

Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext) /

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers argued that Obamagate is President Donald Trump’s way of distracting from his own incompetence.

President Donald Trump has made it clear he doesn’t want anyone looking too much into his administration, his businesses, or his personal life. And anytime it happens, he is quick to point the finger at someone else. The latest example is “Obamagate” and unfortunately for President Trump, Late Night with Seth Meyers wanted to take “A Closer Look.”

On Mother’s Day, President Trump sent out an unusually high volume of tweets even by his standards. Among them were some referencing “Obamagate” and accusing former President Barack Obama of committing the worst crime in American political history.

“Obamagate” has been called a conspiracy theory that is designed to implicate President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden in a cover-up related to the Michael Flynn case. But when President Trump was asked to give specifics on what crime his predecessor committed, he was especially vague and moved on quickly.

On Wednesday, Seth Meyers decided to take a closer look at this latest distraction attempt by President Trump. Once again, the segment also called out Fox News for its influence over the White House.

For Meyers, living in the Trump era means being constantly shocked and numb. He argues that this is exactly where the White House wants people so that the administration is able to do what it wants. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, it hasn’t been so easy to distract the public since a majority still support social distancing and quarantining guidelines.

Approval ratings for President Trump’s handling of the pandemic are poor and only a small percentage of Americans consider him a trusted source of information. These types of hits to his ego usually result in the president lashing out and Obamagate is proof, says Meyers.

Meyers isn’t shocked that President Trump would try to distract the public or that he would attack President Obama. He’s covered those topics enough in “A Closer Look” to know its the norm. But what does surprise the Late Night host is how Republican lawmakers and Fox News have jumped on the Obamagate bandwagon by demanding investigations.

Meyers makes it clear that the pandemic and economy are signs that Donald Trump’s time is office is coming to an end. With his back against the wall, the president is using any method he can to rally his supporters and point the finger at others, even if he doesn’t have a crime behind the accusation.

“A Closer Look” has become just as much as a warning than commentary from Late Night with Seth Meyers. The show argues that so much is at stake and that the White House can’t be trusted to prioritize the public over its own survival.

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