From lost souls to wackos, Donald Trump reviews late night hosts

Donald Trump (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /
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Conan O’Brien and Samantha Bee

TBS boasts an impressive late night combination with Conan and Full Frontal. Hosts Conan O’Brien and Samantha Bee have also found themselves in Donald Trump’s crosshairs.

Trump was a long time guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Back then, he was simply a figure in the New York City social scene and host of The Apprentice. A 1997 interview between Trump and O’Brien went off the rails when the host got Trump to reveal a condom tucked away in his jacket pocket. O’Brien recalled Trump’s reaction in an interview with Rolling Stone:

"He was pissed. He was really mad. I went to commercial. He stood up. I don’t think he said goodbye to me, and he walked over to my producer and said, ‘That’s the last time I’m gonna be on this f—ing show. He humiliated me in front of everybody.’ He stormed out. Cut to me seven more times [over the years]: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump!’ He got over it, clearly."

O’Brien is no fan of Donald Trump being in the White House. But Conan doesn’t go after the president with the same frequency as other late night. For that, TBS goes with Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

The former Daily Show correspondent has hosted her own late night show since Feb. 2016. Things got controversial in May 2018 when Bee used some harsh language to describe the president’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump.

The comment required an apology from Bee and also resulted in a response from President Trump. He shared his thoughts on Bee and her show on Twitter:

The controversy and President Trump calling for her firing hasn’t slowed down Samantha Bee. Full Frontal is just as focused on the Trump administration and family as ever.

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