Here’s what Nicolas Cage as Tiger King Joe Exotic could look like

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon imagined what Nicolas Cage could look like as Tiger King Joe Exotic.

After months of fantasy and actors pitching themselves, the first scripted series based on the star of Netflix’s Tiger King has cast its Joe Exotic. Nicolas Cage will star as the incarcerated zookeeper and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon offered a preview of what fans could expect.

Actors like Dax Shepard, Edward Norton, and Kevin Bacon all expressed interest in playing Joe Exotic. Fans had high hopes that David Spade would take on the role but the Lights Out host instead gave the documentary’s other stars a late night home.

On Monday an exclusive report from Variety revealed that Nicolas Cage had earned the role for a scripted series based on the life and times of Joe Exotic. It will be written and produced by Dan Lagana, the showrunner behind Netflix’s mockumentary American Vandal.

While he wasn’t the first name that popped into fans’ minds, Cage seems like a perfect fit to play the eccentric, larger-than-life character of Joe Exotic. For a preview of what exactly his performance could look like, look no further than Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

The only thing more impressive than Jimmy Fallon’s Nicolas Cage impression is his Tiger King wardrobe. Whether Fallon had the Tonight Show costume department ship him the shirts and mullet wig overnight or had them on hand already is hard to say. But the late night host certainly has the Joe Exotic look down pat.

The Tonight Show‘s preview should help convince everyone that casting Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic was the right move. Fallon’s impression is the best version of Cage that late night has seen since “Get in the Cage” on Saturday Night Live.

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