Is Saturday Night Live new tonight, May 2?

Should fans expect to see a brand new Saturday Night Live at Home tonight on NBC?

Saturday Night Live surprised fans last month by making history in its 45th season. A completely remote episode was the first of its kind, delivering much-needed comfort and laughs during an uncertain time.

Saturday Night Live at Home was a success both technically and for its entertainment value. The second episode improved on the first and proved that SNL had found a formula that worked. Help from stars like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, and Paul Rudd ensured that the shows caught the public’s attention and felt special.

So what is the plan for tonight? Will there be a new episode of Saturday Night Live at Home or not?

Sorry, fans but there will not be a new show tonight. Just like the gap between the first two at-home shows, there will be a break between episode two and whatever comes next. Instead, NBC will re-air the March 7 episode hosted by Daniel Craig with The Weeknd as musical guest.

But if you are still hungry for Saturday Night Live content, then Last Night On has you covered. In addition to SNL’s YouTube page, check out these links:

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Saturday Night Live at Home has been a hit so it is unlikely that we’ve seen the last of it. The SNL season typically wraps up around the middle of May. It is possible that the cast and writers are trying to put together something special to substitute for a season finale. Keep checking in with Last Night On for more news and updates.