Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon talk missed connections on Almost Famous

Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NBC)
Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NBC) /

Kate Hudson responded to Jimmy Fallon’s claim that the two could have dated while filming Almost Famous.

Two years ago Jimmy Fallon suggested that he could have dated his Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson. On Monday night’s The Tonight Show, Hudson finally got the chance to tell her side of the story.

Almost Famous, directed by Cameron Crowe, was released in 2000. It starred Hudson, Patrick Fugit, and Billy Crudup. Fallon played a supporting role in the comedy/drama that also featured Zooey Deschanel, Anna Paquin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rainn Wilson, Eric Stonestreet, Marc Maron, and Mitch Hedberg. Given those names, it’s no surprise to hear the actors look back fondly on the movie’s production.

Jimmy Fallon especially had a good time on set where he became fast friends with Kate Hudson. And during a 2018 round of the game “Pour It Out” with Margot Robbie, Fallon revealed that he thought more than just a friendship was an option with Hudson.

Fallon deserves credit for his honesty, especially considering he thought Robbie would share a name as well. But he was left exposed on his own and had to tell the tale of meeting Kate Hudson, becoming friends, and watching her couple with Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.

On Monday night it was time to verify the story. Hudson wasted no time getting right to Almost Famous and the almost relationship between her and Fallon.

The best-case scenario for Fallon was that Hudson felt the same way and it was a missed connection. Things could have been extra embarrassing or uncomfortable for Fallon if Hudson laughed at the idea of the pair dating. But as Fallon pointed out, it all worked out perfectly and all sides are happy.

The Tonight Show fans are surely reminded of another missed opportunity for Fallon and a famous actress. When Nicole Kidman revealed that she was interested in Fallon but felt no reciprocation, the clip went viral and has become one of the most memorable moments in Fallon’s tenure as host.

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Clearly a young Jimmy Fallon had a little trouble both picking up signs and putting them out there. But everything happens for a reason and as the “Ask the Fallons” segments have shown, the Tonight Show host is very happy with the way life turned out.