Stephen Colbert has a theory on Trump’s immigration and Iran tweets

President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert thinks he knows why President Donald Trump is not completely focused on the pandemic.

Trying to decipher the reason and motivation behind President Donald Trump’s tweets can be a slippery slope. Yet The Late Show with Stephen Colbert attempts this feat night after night. But the show sounds fairly confident in its theory on President Trump’s latest tweets on immigration and Iran.

Stephen Colbert shared his thoughts on President Trump’s temporary immigration ban. The announcement was shared via Twitter in a move that both did and did not surprise Colbert. Policy changes coming out over social media is a standard operating procedure in the current administration.

President Trump followed that up with a tweet responding to Iranian gunboats harassing U.S. warships in the Arabian Sea. The president tweeted that he had instructed the Navy to “shoot down” any Iranian vessels that caused a problem.

Every government official is expected to multitask. Yet President Trump’s apparent lack of focus on the COVID-19 pandemic caught Colbert’s attention. The late night comedian offered up his own theory on why President Trump is both distracted and looking to distract others.

Donald Trump has always cared about his public image and what other people think of him. So for Colbert, President Trump’s declining approval ratings have led to the seemingly random tweets about immigration and Iran.

Colbert goes on to argue that President Trump is desperate to win back approval. Using Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s comments as proof, Colbert claims that President Trump is looking to redirect blame and distract Americans from his own failures.

Tweeting, changing the message, and other commonly used tactics won’t work for President Trump. According to Colbert, the only solution is for Donald Trump to actually do his job. But the comedians has been covering the White House long enough to know that will not happen, even during a pandemic. Colbert’s summary is perhaps his most scathing commentary on the story to date:

"You can tweet all you want but it’s hard to capture people’s hearts and minds when they’re worried about their hearts and lungs. You can’t have Bill Barr redact the virus or call Urkaine to get dirt on ‘Hunter Virus’ or get Mitch McConnell to have 51 Republicans vote that there is no virus. You can’t even pay the virus $130,000 to stay quiet which is too bad because this virus is definitely spanking your ass."

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been calling out President Donald Trump since before he even took office. The late night show is now more confident than ever that more and more people are realizing the tactics of distraction and avoidance so often covered by Stephen Colbert’s monologues.