Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s authority claims, WHO criticism, and more

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

Seth Meyers broke down President Donald Trump’s plan to “Open Up America Again” in A Closer Look.

The pandemic has brought a number of challenges to the American people. Patience, “doing your part,” and listening to medical experts have all been preached. But according to Late Night Seth Meyers, President Donald Trump is having an extremely difficult time putting these into practice.

President Trump seems deadset on getting the U.S. economy to “reopen” as soon as possible. Those suggesting a more cautious approach have been drowned out as the president ties the health of the economy to his reelection odds.

Late Night with Seth Meyers has relentlessly followed the COVID-19 story and the response by the federal government. Meyers has repeatedly warned that President Trump seeks to rewrite history in the hope Americans will forget what he said month-to-month, week-to-week, and even day-to-day.

President Trump’s lack of patience, refusal to accept personal responsibility, and dismissal of experts is a dangerous combination, says Meyers. He laid out his case in Thursday night’s edition of “A Closer Look.”

Meyers zeroes in on President Trump’s claim that he has absolute authority to do whatever he wants. In this case, it is implied that he can force states to “reopen” despite public health concerns. The Late Night host points to this as yet another example of President Trump having no real understanding of his job or powers.

Clearly, someone corrected the president because Meyers next shows Trump authorizing states to reopen at a time of their choosing. But Meyers quickly points out that it’s unnecessary for President Trump to give permission for something not under his control.

Despite this, Meyers isn’t expecting President Trump to accept any blame or acknowledge any mistakes. Instead, more of the blame is being shifted to the World Health Organization which Meyers calls out as the White House again avoiding responsibility.

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Late Night long ago accepted that the Trump administration was not filled with role models. Yet there was a slight hope that a pandemic would bring out a new approach. But with each new edition of “A Closer Look,” it becomes clearer to Seth Meyers and company that it just won’t happen.  For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.