Tracy Morgan shares his quarantine survival tips with Conan O’Brien

Tracy Morgan (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Turner)
Tracy Morgan (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Turner) /

Tracy Morgan told Conan O’Brien what he is doing to survive the pandemic from home.

Adjusting to life in quarantine has been easy for some people and difficult for others. On Conan, Tracy Morgan made it very clear that he has completely adapted to his new normal and shared how he’s done it.

Continuing to interview celebrities has been a major reason why the at-home editions of Conan and other late night shows have been so popular. Fans have enjoyed the stripped-down style that comes off more like a casual conversation than an interview. It is also interesting to see how different stars are handling such unusual circumstances.

Then again, Tracy Morgan has never required unusual circumstances to make an impression on Conan or anywhere else. There really is only one Tracy Morgan and that uniqueness came through when he described his life under social distancing rules.

After updating Conan O’Brien on his family members, Morgan offered up info on what is in his “coronavirus survival kit.” Watch their conversation below and see how your supplies stack up against Morgan’s.

The first thing on Tracy Morgan’s list is government cheese. According to the comedian, that cheese will outlast any quarantine or virus that comes our way. And if government cheese as a means of survival sounds familiar, that’s because it was also the meal of choice for motivational speaker Matt Foley.

Other items on the list include cocoa butter lotion, peroxide, newspapers, and a brown paper bag. Each thing Morgan mention sets him off on a tangent that O’Brien can barely keep up with on the other side.  Morgan’s medical advice sounds less like the wise words of Dr. Fauci and more like the suggestions of Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock.

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What did you think of Tracy Morgan’s survival tips? Are you planning on stocking up on government cheese now? Let us know in the comments and keep checking Last Night On for more from Conan and the rest of late night television.