Celebrate April Fools’ Day with Jimmy Kimmel’s five best pranks

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /
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2. Halloween 2013

Jimmy Kimmel’s most well-known prank is his annual Halloween gag. Parents all across the country are encouraged to tell their kids that the candy they spent the night collecting was too appetizing for their parents to resist. Cue the crying, roll the cameras, and you have an annual viral sensation.

It is once again proof that Kimmel does not consider kids off-limits when it comes to picking a prank victim. And holidays are certainly fair game as well. Other than Christmas, Halloween is probably the favorite holiday among kids. So of course Kimmel has zeroed in on Oct. 31 as the perfect day for a gag, proving that April Fools’ Day can happen at any time of the year.

2013 may be Kimmel’s prank at its best. We get to see just about every reaction imaginable from kids. It ranges from hysteria and disbelief to carefree and impressed. Fans were especially impressed with the little girl who chose to finish her cereal after hearing the heartbreaking news.

Not everyone is a fan of these Halloween videos. However, any criticism hasn’t stopped their popularity. The videos have become highly anticipated events and always go viral. This edition from 2013 boasts over 65 million views and is still getting attention in 2020.