Celebrate April Fools’ Day with Jimmy Kimmel’s five best pranks

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /
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3. Terrible Valentine’s Day gifts

What makes Jimmy Kimmel a mastermind of pranks is his ability to get the public to pull stunts for him. All he has to do is come up with the premise, mention it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and then sit back to watch things go wild.

We’ve seen it plenty of times before, including when he told parents to bring Fortnite games to an abrupt halt. But what Kimmel seems to enjoy most is messing with people who are the closest. The best example of that came around Valentine’s Day in 2013 with another of the comedian’s YouTube Challenges.

This prank may have ultimately been a public service for these women. They got to see just how strange and borderline disturbing the minds of their husbands and boyfriends could get, all with just a tiny push from a late night television host.

Bugs, lizards, and snakes all make an appearance, for better or worse. Kimmel himself probably didn’t expect things to escalate the way they did in some clips. All told, it ended up in a successful viral video and one of his best pranks. The clip has over 26 million views on YouTube and has probably inspired a number of truly terrible gifts disguised as a prank.