Celebrate April Fools’ Day with Jimmy Kimmel’s five best pranks

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /
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4. Sonogram prank on Aunt Chippy

After Jimmy Kimmel, nobody loves a good prank quite like Cousin Sal. Sal has been both Kimmel’s partner in crime and tormentor over the years. But when the two team up, their favorite target is Aunt Chippy.

Aunt Chippy has been the target of more pranks than just about anyone. Yet she never seems to catch on that her comedian nephew is behind it all. That naivety, combined with her short temper and expletive-filled vocabulary, make pranks on Aunt Chippy a must-watch.

The best example is when Kimmel and Cousin Sal took over what would ordinarily be a sentimental, touching moment. Once again, it involved Cousin Micki but this time she was an accomplice with her mother, Chippy, the target.

Watching this prank, it can seem too extreme for anyone to fall for it. Now imagine still falling for it, knowing that your nephew is a professional comedian who has pranked you dozens of times over the years. It doesn’t matter to Aunty Chippy, who is so overwhelmed by sonogram technology that she is willing to believe her grandson was doing jumping jacks.