Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s retaliation on impeachment witness

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

Late Night with Seth Meyers examined why President Donald Trump fired two key impeachment witnesses.

When President Donald Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial, many suggested that one of two outcomes would happen next. Either President Trump would learn his lesson and elevate his conduct in office or he would be emboldened by the trial and take his questionable behavior to another level. In “A Closer Look,” Late Night with Seth Meyers argued that the latter has already come true.

No Democrats, and certainly no late night television hosts, were buying the idea that President Trump would be humbled by impeachment. Nothing in his life or presidency suggested that he would take accountability and admit any wrongdoing even if some of his supporters in Congress made such concessions.

The fallout from President Trump’s acquittal began last week. The president dismissed two individuals who were key witnesses against him in the lead up to the impeachment trial.

President Trump’s decision was criticized by some in the government but found support on certain cable news shows. Seth Meyers explained the ramifications in another edition of “A Closer Look” that also once again took aim at Rudy Giuliani.

Seth Meyers has been the loudest voice in late night television when it comes to criticizing the entire Republican Party. A number of “A Closer Look” segments have been dedicated to mocking GOP members for backing President Trump and warning against protecting him at all costs.

The Late Night host’s concern that President Trump would become even more unrestrained after being acquitting has come true according to “A Closer Look.” Meyers argues that President Trump is now free to subvert the 2020 election and points to the ongoing actions of Rudy Giuliani as proof.

Giuliani is another frequent and favorite target of “A Closer Look.” After taking a few more shots at Giuliani, Meyers reveals that the Department of Justice is now accepting information from Giuliani’s investigation in Ukraine on President Trump’s political rivals.

Meyers goes on to suggest that Giuliani is following President Trump’s lead after the president fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in an act of revenge for VIndman’s testimony on the Ukraine call.

It is getting harder for Late Night with Seth Meyers to find the humor in President Trump’s actions. This isn’t an awkward encounter with a foreign leader or drawing on a weather map. The severity of the issue may be why Meyers is relying so much on mocking Trump’s appearance and intelligence while maintaining a more serious tone in detailing his post-acquittal actions.

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For Seth Meyers, this is the latest example of President Trump’s authoritarian approach and demanding loyalty or risk being punished. And for as many jokes as Meyers makes at President Trump’s expense, the Late Night host appears genuinely concerned and convinced this won’t be the last example.