David Dobrik makes his late night debut with bizarre Justin Bieber story

YouTube star David Dobrik made his late night debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and did not disappoint.

You don’t get to 15 million followers without collecting some stories along the way. That was the theme of David Dobrik’s first late night appearance as the YouTube sensation debuted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Late night television has gone through a lot of changes in the last five, 10, 15 years–however you want to break it up. But there are now more late night shows than ever hosted by comedians from all types of backgrounds. Comedy writers, stand-ups, improv performers and more have all sat behind a desk, told jokes, and interviewed the biggest stars in the world.

And just as much as the hosts have changed, so too have the guests. No longer is it just famous movie stars and big name singers invited onto late night shows. Politicians, athletes, and now social media personalities are popping up on The Tonight ShowThe Late Show, and more.

But regardless of why a guest is on a late night show, one thing is still the same as always: he or she needs to have a story to tell. The audience won’t care how or why someone is famous if there is an interesting tale to hear.

David Dobrik certainly delivered when he sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show. Dobrik is a YouTube star who boasts over 15 million subscribers. His vlogs typically pull in 10+ million views per video. It has led to a whirlwind life for Dobrik and he had the stories to prove it.

Any story involving Justin Bieber is typically worth telling on a late night show. The stranger the better too. And it’s hard to imagine a more surreal or bizarre story than a YouTube star recalling how the biggest pop star on the planet tickled him in a crowded club.

As Dobrik mentioned, it must have been a good ice breaker. Bieber recently appeared in one of Dobrik’s YouTube videos that was featured in the Tonight Show interview. You can watch the video below and add to its view count that has already topped 14 million in one week.

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If David Dobrik keeps making videos that people love and keeps coming up with entertaining stories, then you can be sure he’ll be back on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Keep checking Last Night On for more highlights, news, and updates from the world of late night television.