Stephen Colbert mocks President Trump’s dishwasher rant during latest rally

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS) /

Once again President Donald Trump ranted about dishwashers and once again The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had jokes.

The 2020 election. The crisis in Iran. Impeachment. Dishwashers. These are the major issues facing President Donald Trump and not necessarily in that order. And that has Stephen Colbert worried.

President Trump held another rally in Milwaukee ahead of the Democratic debate. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was live after the debate to cover Democrats’ performance but the show couldn’t go on without mentioning President Trump’s latest dishwasher diatribe.

Abnormal, strange, and uncommon topics have become commonplace during a President Trump speech. This has in turn become late night fodder like how Late Night with Seth Meyers has covered the President on windmills or on raking.

Lately President Trump has been fixated on light bulbs and household appliances like toilets and dishwashers. Given everything else that is going on and the difficulty in understanding President Trump’s point, it’s no surprise that his dishwasher rant in Milwaukee was the subject of Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Tuesday night.

Fans who regularly watch The Late Show have seen a range of emotions from Stephen Colbert when covering President Trump. Colbert has been everything from infuriated to embarrassed to depressed. But here Colbert is genuinely amused after listening and watching President Trump’s performance.

It’s hard to know when and where President Trump’s fascination with dishwashers came from or why he has made it a focal point on multiple occasions. It’s also hard to know what he means when he takes credit for bringing the old light bulb back. Colbert, holding back a grin best he can, concludes that Donald Trump cannot be allowed to be president.

That assessment isn’t based on corrupt behavior or incompetence. Colbert just isn’t convinced that President Trump is coherent enough to run the White House. It may have the best light bulbs and most efficient dishwashers but managing utilities does not make a president.

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Stephen Colbert’s point seems to be to remind people that there are two sides to Donald Trump. For every concern about corruption and abuse of power, there is also the fact that he is prone to strange rants and bizarre behavior. The Late Show host is just hoping the light bulb goes off for voters in time for the election.