Is Real Time with Bill Maher new tonight, January 3?

Bill Maher (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images For J/P Haitian Relief Organization and Cinema For Peace)
Bill Maher (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images For J/P Haitian Relief Organization and Cinema For Peace) /

Is it “New Year, new Bill” on HBO tonight or will fans have to keep waiting for a new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher?

It took three days but we’re at the first Friday of 2020. And what a busy, busy three days it has been. Everything that has happened this week is the kind of material fans expect to see on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Real Time with Bill Maher has been off the air since season 17 wrapped up on Nov. 15. That means that Bill Maher has missed out on a lot, including President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Republican effort to defend him, and the changing dynamic in the field of Democratic candidates for president in 2020.

And just yesterday, we got what may end up being the biggest story of 2020: the U.S. airstrike in Iraq that killed Iran’s top general. Every pundit in the world is now discussing the potential ramifications of the strike so we know it would be the top story on Real Time with Bill Maher.

So what should fans expect to see tonight? Is Bill Maher back to ring in 2020 or will there be a longer wait for the return of Real Time?

Keep waiting, fans. There is not a new episode of Real Time tonight. The show is set to return with the premiere of season 18 on Jan. 17. You can check out HBO’s promo for the season right here.

When Maher does return in a couple of weeks, you can expect him to come out guns blazing. In the past few years the premiere episode of each season has been among the highest rated all year. That means that there are a lot of fans out there eager to hear from Maher and get his take on not only the week’s events but all the news he missed between seasons.

You can also follow Maher on Twitter (@BillMaher) to get his take on things. He doesn’t tweet too frequently but there is definitely a “quality over quantity” value to his feed.

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Again, Real Time with Bill Maher returns to HBO on Jan. 17. When the guest lineup is announced be sure to check back with Last Night On for a full breakdown and preview of the episode.