The Daily Show presents Trump’s best words of 2019

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah looked back at some of President Donald Trump’s most memorable moments behind a microphone.

As president of the United States, Donald Trump has had to make thousands of public statements, held countless rallies and speeches, and has appeared in a number of press conferences. It all adds up to a lot of footage of President Trump speaking and sometimes not in the most eloquent manner. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah looked back at some of those moments from the past year.

The Daily Show and just about every other late-night television show has counted on President Trump’s speeches, both scripted and improvised, for material. Think of how many editions of “A Closer Look” on Late Night with Seth Meyers feature the host responding to clips of President Trump speaking. Or how many times Stephen Colbert mocks the President after an especially confusing non sequitur.

Late night comedians typically tease President Trump for coming off as uniformed, ignorant of the facts, or inarticulate. Some have even taken it one step further by using President Trump’s verbal slip-ups to question his mental state or intelligence.

The Daily Show doesn’t make either conclusion in its video highlighting all of President Trump’s “best words” from 2019. You can watch and make your own judgment or just sit back and have a laugh.

In fairness, anyone who has to engage in public speaking to the degree Donald Trump does is likely to trip over a word from time to time. Mispronouncing a word isn’t exactly a grave mistake or something that warrants attention from late-night comedians. But at the same time, President Trump is held to a different standard and it is a standard that he himself set.

The Daily Show reminds viewers of that in the opening moments of the video. We can’t forget that President Trump once claimed that he had the best words. If you take that, along with President Trump’s refusal to admit to a mistake or correct himself, then you can see why The Daily Show and others are so quick to mock President Trump.

President Donald Trump will only be heard from more in 2020 as he defends himself against impeachment and then prepares for re-election. Yes, he will slip up again and yes, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will take notice.