Stephen Colbert: Trump facing abuse of power, obstruction and bribery chargers

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returned just in time for a major new development in impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump.

Thanksgiving has passed which means that we are in the full swing of the holiday season. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been in a festive spirit long before turkeys were being carved. The show has been treating public impeachment hearings as a holiday and the celebrations continued on Wednesday night.

Colbert was giddy on what he dubbed “Impeachment Eve” prior to televised hearings on President Donald Trump’s infamous call to Ukraine. Since then, the comedian has been getting gift after gift as House members tried to put on a show and more bad news was delivered to President Trump.

The Late Show returned from its Thanksgiving break just in time. Wednesday saw the first day of hearings with the House Judiciary Committee and featured constitutional scholars sharing their thoughts on impeachment.

Colbert was long ago convinced that President Trump was worthy of impeachment. Now he has a pretty good idea of the charges that will be used against the President.

Abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and bribery are some pretty serious charges. But Colbert isn’t surprised and instead thinks the charges are the only logical conclusion after looking at the evidence. This must be what happens when you spend night after night, year after year looking at everything President Trump has done and turning it into comedy.

Speaking of comedy, Colbert was amused at the Republican defense strategy once again. Colbert has joined Seth Meyers in making sure that GOP members defending President Trump’s actions don’t go unnoticed as punchline targets.

For Colbert, it is hard to believe that President Trump was acting on genuine and reasonable suspicion of Ukraine. That is especially the case when the suspicion is based on a conspiracy theory that has been thoroughly debunked.

And once again, no late night monologue on the impeachment inquiry would be complete without Rudy Giuliani. Reports suggest that phone records reveal Giuliani spoke with several key figures in the inquiry, adding to the evidence that Giuliani himself has already revealed on television and in interviews.

There looks to be no end in sight for Stephen Colbert’s impeachment holiday celebration. The more hearings go on, the worse it looks for President Donald Trump. Expect more celebration on tonight’s episode of The Late Show.