Stephen Colbert: Gordon Sondland threw Pence, Pompeo under the Ukraine bus

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert covered Gordon Sondland calling out President Donald Trump and others in his impeachment testimony.

Wednesday marked another day of explosive testimony in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Ambassador Gordon Sondland sat before Congress and by the end, Stephen Colbert was breaking out the celebratory drinks.

Colbert had good reason to celebrate considering where he stands on the impeachment issue and how Sondland’s testimony went on Wednesday. After all, Colbert was treating the televised public hearings like a holiday.

The Late Show host was most excited to see how Republican members of the House would defend President Trump’s actions during his infamous call to Ukraine. But after Ambassador Sondland’s testimony, it was members of President Trump’s cabinet that now have some explaining to do.

Sondland implicated the President in the quid pro quo plan but also suggested several high-ranking officials were also in the loop and well aware of what was happening. Watch Stephen Colbert explain it all and what could come next from his Wednesday night monologue.

Colbert turning Sondland naming names into a mock acceptance speech was a clever bit. It was also an appropriate one considering how many people in President Trump’s orbit were involved in the alleged quid pro quo scheme with Ukraine.

Late night is already well aware of the role Rudy Giuliani has played in the Ukraine scandal. But as Colbert points out, Sondland has now turned the spotlight on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence and a handful of others that may have thought they could skate by untouched.

Colbert went on to have a little more fun at Sondland’s expense. The ambassador’s claim that nobody told him actions regarding Ukraine were wrong or illegal especially amused Colbert. And if you had an A$AP Rocky reference on your “Impeachment Hearing Bingo” card, then congratulations.

It will be interesting to see how hearings play out in the aftermath of Gordon Sondland implicating Secretary Pompeo and Vice President Pence. Don’t expect either man to appear before Congress for a hearing. Even so, that won’t stop Stephen Colbert from enjoying another celebratory drink.