Saturday Night Live: The best of Will Ferrell as host

Will Ferrell joins the Five-Timers Club this week so we look back at his best moments as host of Saturday Night Live.

There will be plenty of reason to celebrate on Saturday Night Live this week. Will Ferrell returns to host and any time a former cast member is in Studio 8H, it is an event. On top of that, Ferrell will be entering the prestigious “Five-Timers Club.”

Ferrell first returned to host Saturday Night Live in 2005. He had left the show in 2002 after a seven year run that saw Ferrell become a comedy superstar and for some, the greatest Saturday Night Live performer of all-time.

No doubt that Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, and NBC are hoping that Ferrell’s popularity can provide a much needed boost to season 45. After coming out of the gates strong, the show has slowed down in recent weeks despite admirable efforts by hosts like Kristen Stewart and Harry Styles.

Bringing back Ferrell is as close to a sure-thing as Saturday Night Live has in terms of returning hosts. The comedian doesn’t have any current projects releasing soon that he’s promoting. But a talent like Ferrell comes with his own buzz, never mind his history of success on SNL.

Ferrell’s episode this week will kick off a row of four episodes featuring some pretty big names who are familiar with the Saturday Night Live machine. Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson follow Ferrell as hosts before the biggest homecoming of all, Eddie Murphy, arrives on Dec. 21.

Fans should expect Ferrell to set the bar pretty high for Lopez, Johansson, Murphy and every other host coming in season 45. Ferrell has the ability to attract a large audience and especially any viewers who long for the “glory days” of Saturday Night Live.

Every SNL fan is familiar with Ferrell’s greatest hits as a cast member. Cowbell, short shorts, and George W. Bush all come to mind when thinking back on Ferrell’s stint as the face of the show. But as these sketches show, Ferrell never lost a step and deserves mention among the best hosts in SNL history, too.

Flight Attendants (Season 43)

Reality Stars (Season 43)

Anniversary Party (Season 37)

Celebrity Jeopardy! (Season 34)

What do you expect from Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live this week? Any characters you hope he brings back or special guests you want to see help Ferrell join the “Five-Timers Club?” Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back with Last Night On for all more updates, news, and highlights.