Hayley Williams, Tegan and Sara react to Saturday Night Live sketches

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Kristen Stewart" Episode 1772 -- Pictured: Host Kristen Stewart during promos in Studio 8H on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Kristen Stewart" Episode 1772 -- Pictured: Host Kristen Stewart during promos in Studio 8H on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC) /

Hayley Williams of Paramore and Tegan and Sara weighed in on Kristen Stewart’s performances on Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live has a long history of impersonating and parodying celebrities. And sometimes, like this past week with host Kristen Stewart, the impressions can catch the eye of those that gave the show inspiration. Musicians Hayley Williams and Tegan and Sara shared their thoughts on Stewart and SNL.

The Kristen Stewart-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live didn’t quite land as well as fans had hoped. Season 45 is still in its early stages but the Stewart episode is looking like the weakest among the first five episodes.

This outcome was by no means Stewart’s fault. Returning for her second time hosting, the Charlie’s Angels star did the best she could with what she was given. Sketches seemed to drag out or the premise seemed to hold more promise than what was delivered.

The Duolingo for kids sketch was by far the night’s strongest. And “New Paint” delivered another bizarre sketch that has become the hallmark of a Kristen Stewart Saturday Night Live appearance.

Stewart was able to shine in to sketches with musical inspirations. And the real life musicians behind Stewart characters voiced their opinions after the show.

First, Stewart was in the pretaped sketch “Corporate Nightmare Song.” The pop punk band also featured Mikey Day, Pete Davidson, and Kyle Mooney. Stewart’s look was a clear homage to Hayley Williams of Paramore, albeit from about 15 years ago.

Williams took to Instagram to join in on the fun. She added screenshots of Stewart and the rest of the “band” along with jokes about Paramore. Williams called the sketch funny and expressed her admiration for Stewart.

Another sketch featured Stewart taking her looks from a musician. The sketch “Open Mic” was cut for time, so only fans who went looking for the sketch on the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel found it.

While Stewart’s Hayley Williams-inspired hair may have been obvious to some fans, her  and Kate McKinnon’s look in “Open Mic” was a little less obvious. But it was clearly a style pulled right from Tegan and Sara.

Tegan Quin and Sara Quin are sisters, just like Stewart and McKinnon played in the sketch. The bright colored clothes are taken directly from the music video for Tegan and Sara’s song I’ll Be Back Someday. The real-life band tweeted out that Stewart may have provided a very meta Halloween costume for next year.

Tegan and Sara are definitely enjoying much more success than Chastity and Prudence. The duo released their album Hey I’m Just Like You and their memoir High School to critical acclaim. After hearing Chastity and Prudence’s story in “Open Mic” it is clear that only the fashion was inspired by the Quin sisters.

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All in all, this week may have been a tough one for Saturday Night Live fans. But for certain music fans, it included some references that surely added to the enjoyment. The show returns on Nov. 16 with host and musical guest Harry Styles.